Holidays with horses in the countryside

Holidays in the countryside are a great option for urban residents, lovers of fresh air, silence, solitude and horses! We offer you equestrian holidays on weekends and weekdays.
“Tverskaya Zastava” – spend a weekend in the village! Holidays can be active or passive.

We invite fans of extreme rest to have a good time with the horses in a village of Tver region on weekends and weekdays. Our main line is horseback riding lessons for beginners and learning the basics of correct horse care.

We also invite visitors to have a rest that includes horse-riding. We invite you to relax from the noise and bustle of city life, to refresh childhood memories of holidays with your grandmother in the village.

The advantages of such holidays, as opposed to buying your own country house is that you don’t need to cook, wash up, clean and deal with routine repairs, always mow grass and be afraid in winter that the house can be robbed. Although we offer work therapy in order to change a sedentary lifestyle for an active one, as “the best holiday is a change of activity”, it does not mean that all summer long you should spend your time digging, planting, weeding and harvesting potatoes .

Therefore, we invite you to visit our house in a secluded village on weekends, weekdays and during the holidays. You can choose “all inclusive” holidays – ​​ with meals or you can cook by youselves. Concerning entertainment (in addition to horseback riding and occupational therapy) there is a river near the house so you can enjoy fishing or swimming, sauna, in winter skiing and in summer you can gather mushrooms and berries. Moreover, we are going to organize table tennis, badminton and volleyball facilities in the near future.

Horse camp – for the present, this is of course the high-sounding title of the village with a few horses. But but it would be wrong to call it just a rest in the countryside with horses – as there someone at once imagines country horses which one might mount and ride without any skills. Our horses are trained and acquainted with such things as influence with body, legs and hands and collection in all paces.


“Vacation in the saddle – all inclusive” is an option both for beginners and amateurs.

The kind of horse riding depends on your training, it is possible to ride through endless fields and forests in the surrounding countryside. For advanced riders we can offer a one day radial riding trip. We will help intermediate riders to improve their seat.

This is a great opportunity to take a break from the daily routine of civilization for a couple of days and to breath fresh air and enjoy riding and silence.

Conditions we have are still spartan. You have the opportunity to be absorbed in the life of  Russian backwoods and feel all the delights of country life! This may be called as a popular kind of holidays – agritourism or ecotourism.

Please, take a sober view of your riding skills! If a horse doesn’t obey, it does not mean that it is badly trained, just you need more experience in order to ride in the fields without assistance. We would strongly recommend you to read the following information about horse riding in order to avoid misunderstandings. Our rules are quite strict, and even though we are in the village, the style of riding is very classical, and safety of riders and horses is above all.

The meals we offer is simple enough, but such food as shish kebab is quite possible for an extra charge and should be ordered in advance (or you can bring it with yourselves).
And also have a rest without horse-riding. Another option is, for example, fishing or skiing. There is the river Derdga near the village.

If you are a beginner at riding, we would recommend you to read the sections “Questions” and “Accident prevention”.


We always welcome our guests and we will teach you to ride a horse with pleasure (or improve your knowledge), to care for horses, BUT … if there are misunderstandings like “… and I was recently in Thailand and so on and rode there 2 times horseback step, there is no need in controlling me – it’s not interesting, don’t teach me, you do not understand me…” and so on, it is better to go to Gorky Park and ride a carousel horse, – it is quiet and safe, or go to a lot of other places, where you will be provided by a horse and let go to the fields even without necessary skills. We minimize the risk of injury by strict safety regulations, and if you long for sustaining an injury, we are not going to help you with this.

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